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Shingo Murakami
25 May 2010 @ 01:45 pm
● Name: Shingo Murakami // Hina

● Job[s]: http://www.royal-t.org/ Owner and founder of Royal/T. Culver City, California. USA.

Owner of Casanova host club. Akihabara, Tokyo. Japan.

● Profile:

Chameleon. The one word often used to describe Shingo Murakami. It is believed that he hails from Osaka but often changing his appearance and location such as a Chameleon. His immediate family moved from place to place when he was younger with him eventually ending up in Akihabara to somewhat plant roots. Hina is known to frequent the local bars and a few hosts clubs. Recently purchasing the club known as Casanova from it's previous owner.

Rumors follow him wherever he goes of which he will neither confirm nor deny. Everything about this man is pure speculation and rumors since very little is known about him. No one is allowed that close to him. He is a man of very few words, his face most often steeled and expressionless. Known by those chosen few that lucky (or perhaps unlucky) enough to come into his acquaintance as Hina. What is known is that he is wealthy, owning several businesses through out Japan and America, where he spent some time investing- his favorite being Royal/T in Culver City, CA.

He is currently the strong arm for Kento Nakajima. He has a no nonsense belief in business matters. Quick in. Clean up the mess. Quick out. Matters of the heart is a different entirely. He loved twice: a female of Japanese/American descent believed to be named Sayori Kadena and a boy but nothing in known of his identity. The friends he actually has can be counted on one hand. Others considered either business associates, fucking friends, non important or on his death list.

● Personality traits: Cold some would even say calculating. Synonyms used for him: assuming, cavalier, conceited, contemptuous, detached, disdainful, distant, egotistical, imperious, indifferent, overbearing, proud, reserved, scornful, snobbish, supercilious, superior, uppity and they would all fit.

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